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President’s Report

MattWeiler-headshot-color-777x1024Rev. Matt Weiler

My first engagement with ISAAC was five years ago in a backroom of Open Doors Church in Kalamazoo’s Eastside neighborhood when Jeremy Orr looked at me and said, “You’re a pastor in the community. You have power. People will listen to you.” I had never heard those words with such conviction. I was hooked. In the days between then and now I have grown as a leader and come to reimagine my own call to ministry. I have seen ISAAC grow, struggle, and now begin to thrive. I have stood at the podium for amazing banquets and public meetings and last year’s Racial Healing Service. My time serving as the ISAAC president has given me a front row seat to God’s never ending stream of justice. So it is a bittersweet announcement that I will end my term as President one year early this March when ISAAC is in a place of tremendous growth and movement. The truth is, pastoral ministry places tremendous demands on the family and the family is where my energy and attention need be right now. But I step down from the work satisfied, and with great anticipation for what God has in store for ISAAC in the coming years. Thank you ISAAC for your support and belief in my leadership. Thank you Dr. Davis and the Executive Committee for the hours of work invested in this organization. And thank you Elder King for mentoring me, and now filling the gap until God raises up the next President of ISAAC.