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Transportation Update: New 31-Day Unlimited Ride Pass Coming Soon

metro-transit-1Rev. Linda MacDonald & Michele McGowen

On January 1, 2016, Metro Transit will have available a new, 31-day unlimited ride bus pass available for purchase for $60.00.  Using this pass, passengers can ride as frequently as they would like for a consecutive 31-days.  The 31 days will be valid from the time the pass is first used.

Metro Transit is eliminating the monthly unlimited ride pass which was valid for the duration of a calendar month.  The new 31-day pass will give passengers the option of a month of free rides, but not be limiting them to a calendar month.

Sales of the new passes will start January 1. Passes can be purchased at the Kalamazoo Transportation Center, 530 N. Rose St. at Ransom St.

Friends of Transit have been working for this change! It is really a great victory for transit riders, especially those who ride frequently. We are working now on being able to add dollars to existing cards from other places other than the Metro Transit Center downtown. Being able to add money only at a downtown location is really not user friendly or efficient. Join us on the first Thursday each month.

Next meeting: January 7 at 10am, at the Disability Network, 517 E. Crosstown Pkwy at Vine St.