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A Warm Welcome to Pooja Patel Our New Intern!

Pooja, who’s name in Hindi means “prayer” was born and raised in Flint, Michigan and has a twin brother. After graduating from High School, she moved to Kalamazoo for College and has held jobs working as a caregiver/rehab aid at Residential Opportunities Inc., and Progressive Alternatives. Pooja enjoys working with people and is currently studying in the Social Work Program at Western Michigan University. She will be graduating June of 2018. Pooja plans to practice as a counselor for one year and then pursue her Masters of Social Work.

As an intern at ISAAC, she is looking forward to working closely with those who strive to change and challenge injustices locally and statewide. She wants to learn new skills such as working efficiently with task force groups and how to effectively collaborate and implement social change. Pooja stated she chose social work as her profession after going through her own familial experiences as a youth. During this time she had a School Social Worker who impacted her life positively. Similarly she wants to give back by supporting youth and families seeking positive changes and opportunities in their lives. She understands that we are all connected and that we need one another. Pooja expressed she is thankful to be where she is now and is impressed by ISAAC’ being intentional about building the Beloved Community.

Pooja, welcome to the ISAAC Family!

– Dr. Charlae Davis, Executive Director