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Welcome Portage Chapel Hill United Methodist Church to the ISAAC Family!

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest ISAAC Family Member: Portage Chapel Hill United Methodist Church (PCHUMC.)

We look forward to learning from PCHUMC and building the Beloved Community together. How far have we come towards realizing the Beloved Community? Looking at our segregated worship services, noting the rising violence and continued discrimination against racial, religious and other minorities and realizing the recent national transitions, we could say we are not as far as we ought to be and there is danger of moving backwards. But, there’s still time and HOPE!

There is strength in faith and collaboration!

We are so excited to have PCHUMC join our ISAAC Family!
Please read below for more information about PCHUC.

– Dr. Charlae Davis, Executive Director

Led by Pastor Barry Petrucci, Portage Chapel Hill United Methodist Church (PCHUM) is a home where every person belongs to God, and so to one another. A transforming community of faith, where each discovers and responds to God’s call, we are an active supporter of the Reconciling Ministries Network in the United Methodist Church, and are active in many ministries that advocate for, and support social and economic justice.

PCHUM is represented on the ISAAC Leadership Board by Pat Catellier, who is a Deacon in the United Methodist Church and PCHUM’s Associate Pastor; and Rayme Jernigan, who along with Julie Rogers and Sheila Bigelow, leads the PCHUM Faith in Action Team (FIAT).

PCHUM is delighted to lend our support to ISAAC. We are impressed by your tight issue focus, your broadly inclusive ethos, and the manner in which you engage the Kalamazoo community both horizontally and vertically. ISAAC is an organization where supporters, allies, and community members all have an equal voice in making strategic decisions. We are happy to be a small part of the exciting work you are doing for the community.

-Rayme Jernigan, Leadership Board Representative