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What did ISAAC accomplish in 2014?

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  • “Ceasefire” initiative is moving forward
    This February, thanks to support from the Kalamazoo Community Foundation and leadership from the City, a group of community leaders and KDPS officers are going to “Ceasefire” training together at John Jay University, where David M. Kennedy teaches his approach to reducing youth violence — called a “miracle” in other cities. ISAAC originally brought Kennedy here to meet with community leaders and KDPS, and will be among the trainees.
  • “Raising Kalamazoo County” is underway
    This spring, thanks to a broad partnership, community leaders are coming together to build awareness about the critical first few years of early childhood and how we can strengthen young families. ISAAC is part of coordinating the initiative and is convening a clergy event. And thanks to Kalamazoo Public Schools, neighborhood outreach will start early to reach vulnerable young families to encourage enrolling their children in free, high-quality preschool for fall. ISAAC conducts the door-to-door outreach.
  • Supportive housing partnership will cut ER costs
    Thanks to Bronson Healthcare, Borgess Health, Kalamazoo Community Mental Health and Kalamazoo County Public Housing Commission, a “FUSE” supportive housing pilot project is being developed to cut ER costs, reduce homelessness and improve health! ISAAC initiated the FUSE (Frequent Users Systems Engagement) partnership, because homelessness contributes to frequent, costly use of the ER.
  • Urging townships to “opt in” could save three major bus routes
    Thanks to the leadership of the Kalamazoo County Transportation Authority, a new urban district will make new transit improvements possible, like Sunday bus service! But Texas, Oshtemo and Pavilion trustees recently voted to partially or totally “opt out” of the urban district, even though they have heavily-used bus routes to KVCC, West Main & 9th St. businesses, and Pavilion Estates mobile homes. ISAAC is urging those trustees to “opt in” for the economic wellbeing of our region.
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ISAAC is an interfaith organizing network of congregations & strategic partners working together to build a more just community in Kalamazoo County and across the state.