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Youth Violence Prevention – Urgent Message

13254760_643556475809813_3206148141607364062_oMichigan Senate Bill 442 would allow hidden, loaded handguns to be carried into schools, college classrooms and bars.  It was voted out of Committee and will be voted on by the full Michigan Senate sometime SOON.

Please call your State Senator.  It is easy and takes less than a minute.  When you get connected to your senator or their staff, tell them your name, where you live, and that you want your Senator to vote NO on Senate Bill 442.

Just call 248-206-2542 or text MICHIGAN to 644-33.  Just enter your zip code when asked, and you’ll to be connected to your State Senator’s office.

13415490_649536001878527_7541439310094624676_oContacting them this way allows Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund to track the number of those who have called their Senators.

THANK YOU!  This urgent request came from ISAAAC partner Coalition for Common Ground: Reducing Gun Violence Together.

– Wendy Flora & Venessa Collins-Smith, Co-chairs