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Anti-Racism Task Force News

With so many atrocities happening daily in the war on racism, we continue to hear these compelling stories of people standing up for justice. We are intrigued by the media outlets focusing on all the good and the bad things that are happening within our own country. Day by day and hour by hour. We ask ourselves what does being racist really mean? By definition given to us from ERACCE, racism is: Race prejudice + misuse of power by systems and institutions.

So then, the question arises who protects those who can’t protect themselves? The Anti-Racism Task Force’s last meeting was focused on what our mission should be. As a collective we discussed our values and mission on what we as a task force wanted to see happen in not only our small town, but in America. We discussed how we could treat each other when speaking on these sensitive, but important topics. We came up with a lot of questions that we ourselves are looking for answers to help better educate the community.

For example, how do we get to the dismantling of white power and privilege and the oppression of people of color? How do we get people in the community to have open and honest discussions?

Just within our own group we came up with great norms that I feel could be used in everyday situations. By simply looking for common ground, respecting each other, and being willing to be uncomfortable with the heavy topics.  Also giving others the opportunity to voice their opinion, and coming to a mutual understanding are just a few of the hundreds, maybe thousands of things we can do.

So when you go home and you relax from the day, think about who you are as person, and what you can do to help. Think about those who can’t easily help themselves and need empowerment and equitable opportunities. Racism is an everyday thing. Eventually we want racism to become something you only read about in the history books, not something you have to live through.

– Ashante Collins-Davis, Anti-Racism Task Force Member