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Banquet on May 18—Let Us Hold Fast to Love and Justice – Hosea 12:6

We are so excited for our 2019 Banquet to have Mee Moua our keynote speaker join us! She is an awesome agent of social change and an organizer and facilitator of love, justice, peace and racial healing. You do not want to miss her keynote and the words she will share with us!

It’s such a troubling time for many of us, yet this ISAAC Banquet we affirm will be a space of love, joy, peace, healing, fellowship, renewal, restoration, collaboration and opportunities to connect and Cultivate the Beloved Community.

Get your ticket today! You are a vital part of this work as we build the Beloved Community!

2019 ISAAC Banquet Poster

Click the poster to download the printable version.

Let us hold fast to our faith, let us hold fast to one another, let us hold fast to love and let us hold fast to justice! We look forward to seeing you on May 18th!

– Elder King and Charlae

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