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ISAAC News – Moving Forward in Love and Action

Message from our ISAAC President

Moving Forward in Love…

I, like most black and brown people, are going through a flood of emotions right now. I don’t really know how to act or what to do, even though I have been engaged in this work of social justice for quite some time. This just feels different. The recent deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor have catapulted the even more obvious recognition of the systemic racism that exists in our country. Again, these are just the latest. It seems these actions are part of an unending list of tragedies and injustices for black and brown people. Why should I be afraid of the police who took an oath to protect our community? Why should I be afraid of the people that I call friends? I work, sit on committees, and socialize with them; and, yet deep down inside there is an ingrained fear that will not leave me. Will I be the next one? Despite the fact that I am a law-abiding citizen, will the color of my skin negate anything my character can present? When I’m not standing behind a pulpit the fact that I’m a black man makes me a threat. The protests are necessary and the anger is understandable but will they make the needed difference? So much has been said by so many people that I know my thoughts and views are just part of a larger book that continues to be written over and over again. As numb, angry, and hurt as I am, I still have hope. My faith requires me to believe that despite how things may look, God is able to turn them around. Does it look hopeless? Yes! Am I at a point of exhaustion? Yes! Are the things that have happened to my brothers and sisters wrong? Yes! Is my heart broken and has anger welled up in my soul to the point of wanting to hate? Yes! But, even in all of this, I believe that prayer changes things. I believe that the power of God is able to change any heart of hate. I believe that all things are possible if we remind ourselves that God made us all from one blood. A God who loves us all and has prescribed for us the medication of love for the disease of racism. Therefore, despite the anger from injustice that has caused tears to flow down my face and hatred to attempt to fill my heart – I Choose to Love!! Love must be an intentional act. I choose to be intentional about spreading the love of Jesus Christ to everyone that I come in contact with. In these unprecedented times, when it feels like hatred and pain have gotten the victory, I believe that love is stronger than hate; and, together we can walk in God’s love. It’s at times like these, where I am reminded of how important the work of ISAAC is to our community. So, as we each attempt to move forward, let us be conscious about the decisions that we make. I encourage you to move forward in the power of LOVE!!!

Humbly Submitted,

Elder Douglas King