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“Follow me to Justice” ISAAC Bumper Sticker

Beautiful new ISAAC bumper stickers are about to arrive! Your stickers will spread the word about our work, and help fund it at the same time! ($5 each) Thanks to Rabbi Matt Zerwekh for the wording on the sticker, Amy Peterson for great design work, Tobi Hanna-Davies for organizing and Steve Barber for inspiring and initiating the whole idea.

Youth Violence Prevention – Urgent Message

Michigan Senate Bill 442 would allow hidden, loaded handguns to be carried into schools, college classrooms and bars.  It was voted out of Committee and will be voted on by the full Michigan Senate sometime SOON. Please call your State Senator.  It is easy and takes less than a minute.  When you get connected to your senator or their […]

Early Childhood & Education Progress

Kalamazoo County school administrators and over 225 community members at nine organizations now better understand the impact of chronic trauma on children–and how we can respond more effectively to help trauma-affected children develop resilience. Making good on their promise at the ISAAC Public Meeting in October, school administrators participated in workshops in October and November.  The WMU Children’s […]

Anti-Racism – Cradle Kalamazoo’s Powerful Work

In Kalamazoo black babies die 4X more than white babies.  All the research on this disparity shows that the causes are not what you might guess—not income level, not education level, not genetics, not health care.  The stress caused by racism is the cause — all the many ways that racism puts immense stress on mothers-to-be and families who […]

Housing Matters Forum – Help end homelessness with your own home!

You are invited to the next Housing Matters forum, where Ann Perry, Kay Perry and Tobi Hanna- Davies will describe their experience taking homeless individuals into their homes. Ann and her sister Kay have given a home six times to individuals re-entering the community from prison. Tobi, inspired by the Perrys, has had a housemate […]

President’s Message

Psalm 118:23 – This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes. Oh what a night! This is exactly how I felt after our recent Public Meeting on October 6, 2016 at Mt. Zion Baptist church.   What an awesome night of celebration and commitments! The community support was amazing, which just overwhelmed our […]