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Gun Violence Prevention Presentation

Wendy Flora Last May I talked with Shequita Lewis at a block party.  Her eyes lit up with excitement as she told me about her new job with a football team.  Shequita was a mom, a community activist. She ran for County Commission and truly cared about making a difference in Kalamazoo.  About two months […]

Group Violence Intervention (GVI) Presentation

Kalamazoo’s Group Violence Intervention has many myths that we as a GVI Team would like to dispel tonight. Wendy Flora:  Myth #1 – GVI was brought to Kalamazoo by Law Enforcement Actually, GVI was brought to Kalamazoo as a part of ISAAC’s 2011 Holy Ground Campaign listening sessions in our neighborhoods where community members voiced […]

Housing Presentation

Stephanie Hoffman One year ago at the ISAAC Public Meeting, we presented the shocking facts that high-income households get four times more housing benefits than low-income households, due to the creation of the Federal Housing Administration mortgage program created by FDR. If you were African American, your family could not get a mortgage during the […]

Only $5770 needed to reach our $50,000 Endowment Goal!

Three new generous donors last month!  Hallelujah!  This means we only have $5770 to go, to reach our ISAAC Endowment Fund goal of $50,000 by December 31—a whole year early!  Then the ISAAC Endowment Fund will become a fully established fund at the Kalamazoo Community Foundation, and ISAAC will be able to receive interest income […]

Only $6470 needed to reach our $50,000 goal!

How’s this for inspired timing! Deb Lindstrom handed us a very generous check for the ISAAC Endowment Fund at the August Leadership Board meeting, right after we announced that with a little stretch, we could reach our $50,000 goal by the end of 2019!  That means we’ll become a fully established endowment fund at the […]