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Even More Endowment Gifts!

Our generous Endowment Fund donors keep on giving! This is truly awesome! We have not only reached the $50,000 needed to become a fully established endowment fund that will provide interest income for ISAAC way into the future, and we have not only reached the $57,175 that we celebrated at the January Leadership Board meeting […]

A Huge Thank You to our Endowment Donors!

our goal of $50,000  total raised $57,175!  We went past our goal! Way past! So many awesome donors contributed to the ISAAC Endowment at the end of the year that we exceeded our goal of $50,000 and raised $57,175! December donations alone totaled $12,545! Hallelujah! This means that we will now have a “fully established” […]

Women’s March Kalamazoo

Dear ISAAC Family, we are excited for “Women’s March Kalamazoo” on January 18th. ISAAC Clergy/Leaders will be giving the opening blessing. YWCA Kalamazoo will be hosting this powerful and impactful event on January 18, 2020, The mission of Women’s March is to harness the power of diverse women in our community to create transformative social change. This women-led movement is […]

Service of Remembrance on Feb. 16

The 6th Annual Service of Remembrance for Victims of Gun Violence will be held on Sunday, February 16, 4:00 pm, at Galilee Baptist Church.  Please be there to remember lives taken, especially in Kalamazoo, and to pray for peace and call on our representatives to enact reform.  Everyone who has a loved one who died […]

ISAAC Family & Friends Breakfast

Our ISAAC Breakfast was a blessed fellowship! ISAAC would like to send a special thank you to ALL who were able to attend. We greatly appreciate you and your commitment to cultivating The Beloved Community in Kalamazoo County. We would like to send our heartfelt gratitude to our powerful speakers, Stephanie Hoffman, Deacon Pat Vinge, Micheal […]

Because of These Generous Endowment Donors!

THANKS to all of these very generous donors, the ISAAC Endowment Fund needs only $5,270 more to reach $50,000 and be “fully established”!  With your help, we believe we can reach that goal by December 31!  Then ISAAC will be able to receive interest income from our endowment, or we can let that interest grow […]