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Anti-Racism – Come vote on Oct. 29

The ISAAC Anti-Racism Task Force (ARTF) is excited to present at the Issues Convention on the work we’ve done over the past two years. We’ve been integrally involved in partnership with other organizations to develop workshops around the work of Cradle Kalamazoo for our faith communities, to facilitate Racial Healing Circles in our member congregations, […]

Housing Equity & Human Rights – Powerful Data

In these listening sessions, those impacted the most shared their housing journey, current housing concerns, obstacles, and possible solutions. In one particular session there was a large group of community members, with no current housing, lined up outside of the door trying to get into the session in hopes of having their voices heard for change.

Summit on Trauma & Domestic Violence – Awesome Speakers

Eye-opening. Attitude-changing. Important to every social justice issue we work on. The Summit on Trauma and Domestic Violence on October 2 was awesome!  Here are highlights from just a few of the powerful presentations: From Dr. Jim Henry, Project Director, Children’s Trauma Assessment Center, WMU: “The world feels safe if you haven’t been hurt.  Trauma […]

Join Us For Our Beloved Community ISSUES CONVENTION

We are blessed to announce that on Tuesday August 13th, ISAAC’s Leadership Board Representatives voted unanimously “Yes” on the recommendation from our Executive Committee to continue the ISAAC Housing Task Force with TRHT (Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation) for the next 2 years without a 2019 Issues Convention vote. ISAAC will be contracted to do this […]

Welcome to Ed Genesis

The ISAAC Family wants to extend a sincere welcome to Ed Genesis who will be serving in the capacity of a Contractor for the remainder of 2019 to assist ISAAC with Community Healing, Listening, Engagement and Mobilizing. Ed is no stranger to ISAAC and has worked collaboratively with us through Kalamazoo’s Truth, Racial Healing and […]

Banquet DVDs are Here!

Hold Fast to Love and Justice!  Did you miss the ISAAC Banquet or want to relive that wonderful evening? Place your order today!