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Exciting Endowment Fund “First”

“Socially Responsible Investment” is now possible at the Kalamazoo Community Foundation, and ISAAC is the first to request transfer our Endowment Fund to this investment option! This means that our money will now be invested in ways that are much more in line with our faith values of equity and community.   Hallelujah! Here’s an example.  […]

In the Words of Dr. Price, “To God be the Glory.”

With a sad, but also loving and glad heart we say farewell to Dr. Wayne Price! Kalamazoo has been blessed by The Reverend Dr. Wayne Price, Pastor of Westwood United Methodist Church. We thank God for Dr. Price’s servant leadership, justice work, prayers & for being a blessing to ISAAC. We know God will continue […]

Do you know what your tax dollars are being used for?

The Anti-Poverty Task Force is hosting a forum with Representative Jon Hoadley and Senator Sean McCann to have a community conversation about the state budget. Everyone is invited.  You can register at this link. The forum will be held on Monday, July 22 at 5 PM at the Borgess Lawrence Education Center at 1521 Gull […]

2019 ISAAC Banquet Poster

DVD of the ISAAC 2019 Banquet!

Hold Fast to Love and Justice! Did you miss the ISAAC Banquet or want to relive that wonderful evening? Place your order today! We will contact you when your DVD arrives. A special thank you to our awesome Videographer Michael Lawler.

Powerful Ways To End Local Housing Discrimination

Even if we built 3000 or 6000 affordable housing units, we’d still have a homelessness crisis, since so many people are denied housing because they have a voucher or a past eviction or a criminal record. And those denials are often a proxy for racism. Redlining is not just history–it continues today in many less […]

Progress on Anti-Racism “Asks”

The Anti-Racism Task Force in June celebrated progress on its two “asks”—one from the October 2018 Public Meeting, and one from the May 2019 banquet. From our federal elected officials, the Anti-Racism Task Force in October 2018 asked for commitment to prioritizing adoption of a humane process to gain permanent resident status and then citizenship for long-term […]

May We Seek The Restoration Of All Who Are Marginalized

God of the rich and poor, God of the high and lowly, God of all people, we pray today that you would stir in our hearts the desire to see your kingdom come in the relationships between us. May we responsibly address the disparities we see and seek the restoration of all who are marginalized.   […]