Anti-Racism: Racial Healing Circles, Immigration Reform Work

Momentum from pledges made at the October 25TH Public Meeting continues as ISAAC recently hosted Racial Healing Circles for 42 people from 20-25 ISAAC member organizations.  Participants reported feeling listened to, listening deeply, and hearing about experiences different from their own.  More Healing Circles for people from ISAAC member organizations may be held in March.  […]

Anti-Poverty: Commitment to Remove Barriers to Employment

During the ISAAC’s Public Meeting in October, the Anti-Poverty Task Force presented a list of barriers to employment such as job readiness skills, health issues, criminal record, substance abuse, photo identification, housing, transportation and child care.  Local organizations such as Momentum, Michigan Works and Employer Resource Network are providing services to help families obtain jobs […]

Housing: Tiny Houses of H.O.P.E. Reception January 25

The entire audience rose to their feet at the Public Meeting in October, in response to Deacon Pat Vinge’s call for us all to support new affordable housing.  One exciting way we can live up to our pledge is to be at the Trailblazers Tribute and Tiny Houses of H.O.P.E. Reception on Friday, January 25, […]

A Meditation

STEP BACK AND TAKE A LONG VIEW  “It helps now and then, to step back and take a long view…. We accomplish in our lifetime only a tiny fraction of the magnificent enterprise that is God’s work. We cannot do everything, and there is a sense of liberation in realizing that this enables us to do […]

We are Here for a Time Such as This

Many of us are familiar with the Story of Esther, a woman who helped save her Jewish Community from a violent edict. Mordecai urged Esther to go to the King and make supplication. Esther initially said this was something she could not do, as she had not been called by the King and this action […]

ISAAC Family & Friends Breakfast

There was a lot of laughter, a wonderful crowd, and a delicious buffet at the ISAAC Breakfast on December 5. Elder King started all the laughs by reminding everyone giving a testimonial that when the governor spoke at an ISAAC Public Meeting, he was the timekeeper, she exceeded her time, and he sat her down! […]

Big Progress on Our Endowment

Thanks to many of you, we are almost halfway toward the required $50,000 for ISAAC to receive interest income from our Endowment Fund!  As of the ISAAC Breakfast on December 5, the Kalamazoo Community Foundation has received ISAAC Endowment Fund gifts and 2018 commitments of well over $23,000!  Huge thanks to all of you who […]