Photos of the 2018 Public Meeting

These wonderful photos were taken by Amy Peterson from St. Luke’s Episcopal Church and Rick Johnson from People’s Church.  Click on any photo to enlarge it.  Then read about all that happened at the “Awesome Public Meeting!” in the next article.

Awesome Public Meeting!

“Amazing!” “Awesome!” “Best ever!”  Those were very frequent responses to our Public Meeting on October 25 in the sanctuary of Mt. Zion Baptist Church.  Powerful presentations by our three task forces were followed by commitments—by the entire audience, the clergy, and candidates and local elected officials from all levels of government–to help build the Beloved […]

What do you want your legacy to be?

Emily Hazel graduated from high school just eight years ago, but she has been thinking about her legacy for a long time.  She’s our youngest donor to the new ISAAC Endowment Fund!  If you can, please join Emily in building an endowment that will generate funds for ISAAC way into the future.  We have raised […]

Church Women United Gives Human Rights Awards

Congratulations to all the recipients of this year’s Human Rights Awards given by Church Women United!  So many of them are part of ISAAC!  Left to right in the photo, they are: Each one spoke movingly about their passion for doing God’s work in the world.  Thank you to each of them for faithfully following […]

ISAAC 2018 Public Meeting Evaluation

Thank you for attending, we would like your feedback. We would like to issue a sincere thank you to ALL who attended ISAAC’s 2018 Public Meeting! This work continues so that we see rooted policy/practice changes in Kalamazoo in the areas of: poverty, racism and housing. This work continues until all individuals in our Community […]

Message from the President & Executive Director

In this video, Martin Luther King Jr, spoke of The Beloved Community, which while not devoid of conflict, is free of violence. It is a place in which our deepest values of abundance, equity, community, hope, and most of all love are infused into our policies and practices, so that every individual is held as beloved.

Your presence is important at the Public Meeting October 25!

ISAAC Public Meetings in the past have been key to a long list of accomplishments with our partner agencies: Sunday buses and late night buses added by Metro; “Vote Yes for Kids” millage for families with kids in the schools to have a place to call home; “Group Violence Intervention” by KDPS and community leaders […]